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Congratulations and Appreciation

We are pleased to announce the following recipients of ICMI 2017 travel awards. SMI offers congratulations to all who were selected and a sincere thank you to all who applied. This year, 65 awards were granted – totaling over $77,000! This amount would not be possible without the generous contribution made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in support of attendance for scientists from low- to middle-income countries.

Low- to Middle- Income Country Travel Award

Sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

The purpose of this award is to support immunology research in Low- to Middle-Income Countries by helping to offset some of the cost of attending ICMI 2017. It will provide these researchers with learning and collaboration opportunities that will help them further the field of immunology in their home countries.

Aldo Resendiz-Albor
Alessandra Filardy
Aline Ribeiro
Ana Maria Faria
Angelica Vieira
Arup Sarkar
Carolina Maldonado Galdeano
Cecilia Muglia
Ekaterina Gubernatorova
Elizabeth De Gaspari
Erick Sanchez
Fernanda Ayane de Olivera Santos
Guangxun Meng
Guillermo Docena
Haifeng Wang
José Lemme-Dumit
Kanchana Ayyar
Maria Cecilia Campos Canesso
Michelle Darrieux
Mustapha Jaiteh
Oxana Svitich
Pablo Romagnoli
Renata Curciarello
Sandra Palma
Thiago Converso

SMI Young Investigator Award

The Young Investigator Travel Awards are awarded to SMI members 40 years of age or younger with the rank of Assistant Professor or below. The goal of this award is to support and promote research by up-and-coming immunologists and to provide them with the opportunity to network with influential researchers in an international setting.

Aaron Silva Sanchez
Akihito Harusato
Alyse Frisbee
Andrea Reboldi
Charles Armitage
Conglei Li
Devesha Kulkarni
Dupon Lu
Eduardo Villablanca
Elizabeth Mann
Janaki Sudhakar
Jason Lynch
Jeffrey Bunker
Jennifer Simpson
Jenny Gustafsson
Jeremy Goettel
Kathryn Knoop
Laurel Monticelli
Lea Costes
Lindsay Snyder
Lin-Xi Li
Lisa Perruzza
Martin Trapecar
Maryam Ghaedi
Matthew Hepworth
Natalia Torow
Patricia Castillo
Paulette Krishack
Shankar Iyer
Shu Zhu
Stacey Burgess
Stephanie Bora
Takaharu Sasaki
Theresa Alenghat
Tomohisa Sujino
Verena Kaestele
Vuk Cerovic
Wendy Fonseca
William Branchett
Zhijuan Qiu