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Scientific Awards

Distinguished Scientific Achievement Award

This award honors outstanding members of the community of scientists in mucosal immunology who have made scientific achievements and contributed to the field of mucosal immunology in a significant and important way over a long period of time.

Charles Elson (2015)
Richard Blumberg (2015)
Fiona Powrie (2013)
Jiri Mestecky (2011)
Per Brandtzaeg (2009)
Warren Strober (2009)
Jan Holmgren (2007)
Jerry McGhee (2007)
Delphine Guy-Grand (2005)
John Cebra (2005)

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service award recognizes SMI members who have exhibited great citizenship through service to the society in a volunteer capacity over an extended period of time. SMI gratefully acknowledges past award recipients.

Jo Viney (2015)
Brian Kelsall (2013)
Phillip Smith (2011)
Charles Elson (2009)
Toshifumi Hibi (2007)
Peter Ernst (2005)