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Q4 Committee Reports


Communications Committee

Greetings from the Communications Committee! The fall is typically a busy time for our group as we prepare for the New Year. This year we are especially glad to put 2020 behind us as we prepare for a productive and hopefully less crazy 2021. Hopefully you have noticed an increase in social media posts and notices over the last year. We will continue to use social media to keep the membership informed about upcoming events, webinars, and exciting new mucosal immunology publications. Also, we hope you have enjoyed the newsletter. We are working diligently to provide content for this, including several great Member Spotlights! Please take a look at some of these features, read about our awesome members, and please let us know if you have any nominations for future spotlight features. There is a link to submit nominations in the newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading about the great work our members are doing as much as we enjoy assembling these articles. Be on the lookout for the newsletter each quarter of 2021. Finally, we are conducting an overhaul of the SMI website. It has been a little over a year since we launched the new website and it is time for a bit of an up-date and overhaul. Be on the lookout for some minor adjustments to add more functionality in 2021.

Dr. Coy Allen - Committee Chair

Membership Committee

As the year draws to a close, if you haven’t yet renewed, your SMI membership is due to expire December 31.  Please remember that we offer very attractive deals for you to sign up laboratory groups to membership.  As a valued SMI member, we don’t want you to lose access to any of your benefits which include:

  • A subscription to the print and online versions of the Mucosal Immunology journal (a $554 value)
  • Reduced page ($46 for members vs. $77 for non-members) and color fees ($618 vs. $721) for papers submitted to Mucosal Immunology
  • Two-year ($360 total) and five-year ($810) membership options that offer greater savings
  • Access to our popular Webinar Series archives
  • Exclusive networking, leadership and training opportunities
  • Free job postings in the SMI career center
  • Access to the online SMI membership directory
  • 20% off Principles of Mucosal Immunology, the official SMI textbook

Your SMI membership delivers amazing and worthwhile benefits to you all year long. Time to renew is now. You can easily go online now and access your membership information:

  1. Log in to your member profile here
  2. Update your member profile to ensure your information is still accurate
  3. Click "Renew Your Membership" and follow the onscreen prompts

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact SMI Membership Manager, Blake Manz, at

Dr. Mike McGuckin - Committee Chair